At the base of a 100 year old oak tree springs some of the purist limestone water found in the knobs of central Kentucky. Originally the spring fed an 1800s school house located adjacent to our farm. Today, this natural spring is used to distill our small-batch bourbon, rye whiskey and moonshine--the first from Hardin County, Kentucky since prohibition.

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Founder’s First Batch

In the coming years, Master Distiller Brent Goodin will introduce Boundary Oak's first small-batch bourbon. This historic occasion will mark the first bourbon distilled, aged and bottled in Hardin County, Kentucky since prohibition.

Coming Soon…

Aging bourbon takes time, but we would like to share our craft with you a little sooner. That's why Master Distiller Brent Goodin has been hard at work on a bourbon-inspired spirit coming to retail soon. We can't share a lot of details now, but if you are kind enough to share your email address we'll send you a note as soon as we can.

Available Now

Kentucky Amber, Kentucky Moonshine 101 Proof and Kentucky Moonshine 121 Proof are each pot stilled using the natural spring fed water source from the base of the Boundary Oak. They're made in small batches the old fashioned way, using 100% cane sugar and a proprietary blend of ingredients. Each spirit is a unique experience neat or on the rocks and is also great for mixing. You can find some of our favorite recipes HERE.